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Our hygiene and safety measures

Regarding the current COVID-19 situation we adapted our already high hygiene standards for your best safety. We are working on a solution to keep the necessary social distance and hygiene measures obligated by the Austrian government.

Lobby at Hotel Sägerhof in Tyrol
Atmosphere at Hotel Sägerhof

Safety in our restaurant

We dispense the friendly handshake and greet you with a warm smile behind our facemasks.
Our tables are arranged in a way so the 1-meter distance to other guests can be obtained. If you want to visit us for dinner, we kindly ask you for a reservation via telephone.
Groups of guests may not exceed the size of four people (excluding children), except they live together in the same household.
All the staff is wearing face masks or an adequate visor.
We will nor provide salt and pepper dispensers on the table, these can be ordered at our staff.
Also we provide sanitary stations all over the place.
Rules to attend the buffet will we provided at time.


Lobby at Hotel Sägerhof in Tyrol
Atmosphere at Hotel Sägerhof

Safe in the spa and wellness area

A minimal distance of one meter has to be kept at all time and everywhere in the whole spa and wellness area. Attending the sauna will be limited to a certain amount of people at the same time. We are working on a time slot system for this case. Better information will be provided at arrival.
Sauna infusion or singing towels will not be allowed.
In general people have to ware face masks in all open areas except for wet areas like showers and the pool.
We have repositioned our deck chairs in a way where a one meter distance to other people is possible. Therefore, we kindly ask you to not reposition these.
Wellness and beauty treatments can take place, special measures for the exact type of treatment will be provided by the therapist


Lobby at Hotel Sägerhof in Tyrol
Atmosphere at Hotel Sägerhof

What we ask our guests to do

Please keep a distance of at least one meter to other guest groups at any time. Also don’t shake hands or hug anybody for a greeting. Please ware face masks at the entrance and in all open areas like hallways. Crowded masses or long lines (reception or buffet) should be prevented.
Please wash your hands firmly with soap. Also, sanitary station with disincentive hand rub will be provided all over the hotel.
If you have to sneeze ore cough please do so in a handkerchief or in the crook of your arm.
Please stay at home, if you have any signs of an illness. If you get any signs of illness during the vacation, please inform the management, keep distance to others and wait for further instructions.

Thank you

We created this hygiene plan with greatest care. We thank you in advance for helping us to fulfil these guidelines.

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