Instantiated Application High rope course ,,kletterwald'' Tannheimer Tal. Austria
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Climbing forest – the high rope course in the Tannheimer Tal

Rope course at Tannheim, Austria
Rope course ,,Kletterwald'' in Tannheim

Pure adrenaline and fun 

Chain bridges, narrow footbridges, wobbly boards, balancing acts, flying fox over mini-valleys, the jump into the deep, … the forest rope course close to Nesselwängler cable car was opened in 2012 and offers everything and much more: an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. 

In a nutshell: the climbing forest is a huge outdoor playground full of adventures. Many obstacles require balance and body control, skills and concentration. 

Up to the peaks 

With the flying fox (glide on over the abyss from one side to the other on a zip wire), with a jump from 15 metres (well secured) or with one of the other facilities: adrenaline and fun raise continuously while inhibitions and the level of negotiation decrease. Concentration and balance are needed when you walk over a narrow footbridge or a wobbly board, but you are always safe and well secured. 

Zip line in Tannheim, Tyrol
,,Flying Fox'' in the Tannheimer Tal

Safety first – one of the world's most modern safety system 

If you go up into dizzy heights you can fall quite deep. But you won't thanks to one of the world's most modern safety systems. The latest technology eliminates even the smallest danger points (accidentally unhooking both hooks). Every day at the climbing crag starts with an introduction to the safety system and the right handling of the harvest and the equipment. At every station there is always a team on hand with help and advice in order to not interfere with an otherwise lovely adrenaline rush. The safety equipment is already included in the price. All you need to bring are sturdy shoes. 

Perfect for all ages 

Adventures at the forest climbing crag are available for everyone from the age of 6. During the summer holidays children's climbing is offered at especially designed facilities and obstacles. Whole families can get all the way up to dizzy heights throughout the year, even outside of these guided tours: children under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult. 

Team building, incentives & groups 

This place is not only perfect for families. School classes, team incentives, work colleagues and any kind of groups are also perfectly right here. Securing each other and taking care of each other creates trust and builds bridges in difficult relationships. In the process people also lose their fear of heights and risks and the closeness to the natural environment puts things into new perspectives. Groups of 10 or more are kindly asked to book in advance. 

From Hotel Sägerhof to the climbing forest 

From your 4-star Hotel Sägerhof in Tannheim it's only a couple of minutes by car. Pass Lake Haldensee and go to the Krinnenalpbahn valley station. From the parking area you only have to walk for 2 minutes to get to the climbing forest. Also inform yourself about the climbing possibilities and the via ferratas in the Tannheimer Tal.

To start your summer holiday in one of Europe's most beautiful high valleys shortly, send us your no obligation enquiry. In addition to the climbing forest we also offer further excursions and day trips … 

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