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Mountain bike tours

Mountain biking in Tyrol, Austria
Mountain biking in the Tannheim Valley

Mountain bike tours in the Tannheimer Valley

For your mountain bike holiday in the comfortable Hotel Sägerhof in Tyrol there are eleven trails and tours to choose from in the Tannheimer Valley. Investigate the mountain landscapes, which really are worth seeing, on a total of 70 of the best signposted kilometres of routes for bike tours in your summer holiday.

In what is probably the most beautiful high valley in Europe there are excellent conditions for your mountain bike holiday in Tyrol. The trails and tours in the Tannheimer Valley will fill you with enthusiasm. You can also investigate the individual stages of the newly designed “Bike Trail Tyrol”. This round trip starts in Tannheim. You can get more information about the individual routes and extensive maps for mountain bike, racing bike and leisure cycling in the Tourist office in Tannheim.

Selection of the bike tours in the Tannheimer Valley:

  • Tannheim - Älpele 806 (7 km)
    You go from Tannheim through the residential area of Neu-Kienzen until you reach the fork in the road at Älpeler Bach. From there a gravel forest path takes you up to the Älpele. The Älpele is an Alp where food and drink is offered during the summer months. The route section is challenging with plenty of gradients.
  • Tannheim - Höfersee - Zöblen 807-1/-2 (6 km)
    You go out of Tannheim about 150 m on the tarmac road westward. You take the first turnoff to the left in to the hamlet of Neu-Kienzen. After a short ascent through the hamlet you get to the bridge across the Älpeler Bach. From there you go up via a gravel forest path to the idyllically located Höfersee. After a distance of about 200 m you get to a parting of the ways. You take the one which leads you to Zöblen. At Augsburg hut follow the turnoff to the Stuibenrunde. After a short but cautious descent you get to Zöblen. From there you go via the cycle path, past Fischteich and back again to the starting point in Tannheim. From Zöblen there is a direct connection to other tours such as the Stuibenrunde and the Haldenrunde.
  • Tannheim - Lohmoos 808-1/-2 (12 and 16 km)
    From Tannheim you travel north to the hamlet of Berg. After a short journey past the farmhouses and B&Bs, you go via a tarmac rural road up to Grubenstadel (Grießbichl). After approximately two kilometres you pass the place where you can feed wild animals, 200 metres after this the path forks. Keep to the right. After another 300 metres you reach the highest point, the wild romantic Lohmoos. Here you can go back to Tannheim or go further to Zöblen. In this case there are two options - the first variant goes to Schattwald, the second via Obere Halde to Zöblen. Both routes are very diverse, whereupon the variant Zöblen is surfaced from the Gasthof Zugspitzblick. You can get back to Tannheim from Schattwald or Zöblen by the cycle path.
  • Stuibenrunde Tour
  • Grän, Lumberg, Adlerhorst, Haldensee Tour
  • Usseralpe Neunerköpfle Edenbach Haldensee Tour
  • Breitenberg and Pfronten Tour
  • Bärenmoosalm Vilstal Rehbach Tour
  • Edenbach, Strinden and Gappenfeldalpen Tour
  • Krinnen-, Eden- and Gräner Ödenaple Tour
  • Gaichtpaß Rotlech Ratzalpe Rinnen Tour

Fantastic trails and exciting bike tours await you during your summer holidayin the Tannheimer Valley. If you are travelling by train, then you can make use of the door to door luggage servicefor your bike. Still not have a room? Then just send in a non-binding enquiry for the Bike Hotel Sägerhofhere.

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