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Aromatherapy & Massages

Wellness and spa at Wellnesshotel Tyrol, Tannheim
Wellness in Tyrol

Aromatherapy at the Wellnesshotel Sägerhof, Tyrol

The aromatherapy grotto in the Hotel Sägerhof is open to you. You can choose the individual aromas according to your preferences. The scents work particularly well in the pleasant warmth.

Maintain your health with aromatherapy in the Wellnesshotel Sägerhof. The essential oils have a positive effect on your body, mind and soul. The warm air in the aromatherapy grotto is enriched with the aromas of your choice. The Wellness-Team in the Hotel Sägerhof is happy to advise you on the effects of the individual essential aromas.


All the aromatherapy massage oils which we use are home-made with good quality olive oil and include natural ingredients from our own and from local gardens.

Choose your favourite aroma and enjoy:

Full massage
with the aromatherapy oil of your choice
50 min. € 51,--
Partial massage
with the aromatherapy oil of your choice
25 min. € 29,--
Foot reflex zone massage
with the aromatherapy oil of your choice
25 min. € 30,--
Foot and Feet massage
with arnica oil
25 min. € 33,--
Special partial massage
Especially for your pack with fango
50 min. € 54,--
Package deal
A combination of partail massage and foot reflex zone massage
50 min. € 53,--
Lymphatic drainage
for your whole body
50 min. € 49,--
Lymphatic drainage
for your face
25 min. € 27,--
Dorn method 50 min. € 61,--
Well-being full massage
Relaxing massage with evening primrose oil and lotion.
45 min. € 56,--
Well-being partial massage 25 min. € 31,--

Inhaling essential oils has a direct effect on your body. Lavender oil for example is calming, Jasmine oil is highly stimulating and Orange oil brightens your mood. The ancient advanced civilisations in Mesopotamia and Egypt even used essential oil aromas. In the form of smoke these aromas were used for therapeutic and ritual purposes.

Is an aromatherapy grotto or a stimulating bath in the Wellnesshotel just right for your holiday in Tirol? Then send just send your non-binding holiday enquiry for the Hotel Sägerhof here.

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