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Wellness in Tannheim

Wellness- und Beauty at Hotel Sägerhof
Ayurveda in the Spa area of Hotel Sägerhof

Ayurveda in your wellness holiday in Tyrol

Enjoy relaxation and body treatments in your holiday in the 4-star Hotel Sägerhof in Tannheim. With Ayurveda you will enjoy relaxing hours on the highest level.

Ayurveda is the combination of indian massages and body treatments. The main goal is to achieve oneness with body and mind. Thanks to the Wellness-specialists at the Hotel Sägerhof you will feel sustainable relaxation.

Learn more about our Ayurveda-packages:

Choose from our Ayurveda treatments

for your feet
50 min. € 56,--
for your head
50 min. € 56,--
for your whole body
80 min. € 85,--
intensive partial massage for your back
50 min. € 56,--
Massage, similar to a peeling with sesame oil
with following fango
50 min. € 56,--
for your face
50 min. € 56,--

Inspired by the Ayurveda treatments? Then treat yourself to a Wellness holiday at Hotel Sägerhof. You can get information about massagesbaths and beauty & cosmetics in the Hotel Sägerhof or just request a non-binding holiday offer for your Wellness holidays in Tirol.

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