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Experience nature - Tannheimer Valley - Hotel Sägerhof

In the Tannheimer valley a magical landscape opens up to you from spring through to autumn. The mountains and the intact natural surroundings around the Hotel Sägerhof really invite you to take a holiday in this Tyrolean idyll!

1100 metres above everyday life - the area around the Hotel Sägerhof in Tyrol is an intact holiday paradise. It doesn’t matter if you come to Tannheim in spring, summer or autumn, the magnificent mountain scenery always has fantastic opportunities on offer. Countless hiking paths take you through what is probably the most beautiful high valley in Europe. Leisure bikes, racing bikes and mountain bikes are very well suited to discovering Tannheim - there are some adventurous and really beautiful routes waiting for you. It is also suitable for all other sports too. You choose - the line-up in Tannheim valley ranges from easygoing and recreational, through to exciting and challenging.

Summer holidays in the Vilsalpsee nature reserve

In the Tannheimer Valley there is an Alpine habitat which is particularly worth seeing: the Vilsalpsee nature reserve. Immerse yourself in realm of intact nature during a holiday in Tirol. Nordic-Walking and Paragliding are the best ways to experience that gem.

Summer holidays in Tyrol, Nature reserve Vilsalpsee
Nature reserve Vilsalpsee

In the holiday region around the Wellness Hotel Sägerhof pleasurable natural surroundings await you. About four kilometres from the Hotel Sägerhof in Tannheim is Vilsalpsee. In 1955 a large nature reserve, over an area of 16 square kilometres, was designated around the lake. This is revealed during your hikes as a small paradise -with ample flora and fauna, the deep blue water of the mountain lakes, a 400 metre high waterfall, blossoming Alpine meadows with cows grazing and fantastic hiking paths. Here in Tannheimer Valley all hikers are considered - the tour to Vilsalpe is wheel-chair accessible, so it can also be experienced by wheelchair users.

Here in the Tannheimer Valley, the scenery is unspoilt and you can enjoy the Alpine beauty in all its beauty while you wander through. There are numerous plants and animals which have a safe habitat here in the Vilsalpe nature reserve. The flora in this mountain region alone in Tyrol has more than 700 species, amongst them many animals which have become scarce. The surrounding mountains, with their craggy limestone rocks, Lake Traualp, Lake Lachen and Lake Kasten are a part of the protected habitat as well as Lake Vilsalp.

Selection of protected species in the Vilsalpe reserve:


  • Badger
  • European toad
  • Alpine salamander
  • Grass frog
  • Hare
  • Snow grouse
  • Lake samlet
  • Snow finch
  • Alpine accentor
  • Black grouse
  • Wheatear
  • Black redstart
  • Kestrel
  • Mountain pipit
  • Linnet
  • Common redpoll
  • Citril finch
  • Pine crossbill
  • Ring ouzel
  • Orchids
  • Edelweiß
  • Alpine aster
  • Gentian
  • Arnica
  • Lady’s slipper
  • Coral root
  • Turk’s cap lily
  • Black Aquilegia
  • Heart-leaved Twayblade
Hiking holidays in Tyrol, Nature reserve Vilsalpsee
Hiking holidays in the Tannheim Valley

Hiking in the Tannheim Valley

Four thrilling hiking tours take you through this natural world of discovery. The well marked hiking paths reach to the various altitudes, right up to the impressive summits with their panoramic view. During your hikes in Tannheimer Valley please pay attention to the natural surroundings in this habitat which is worthy of protection. With a bit of luck you will discover some of the endangered species, without having to leave the marked paths.

The popular walking area, Lechtal, is also not far from the Hotel Sägerhof in Tannheim. Tiroler Lech can be found there - one of the most traditional and beautiful landscapes in the Alps. The River Lech and its tributaries characterise this area of unspoiled natural surroundings. One of the few intact wild fluvial topographies awaits you in the Alps, far reaching lowland forests and a hideaway for lots of animal and plant species, for instance the “Lady’s Slipper” area Martinau. For many years there have been efforts made to protect the Alpine flower “Lady’s Slipper”.

Along with these exciting holiday offers in Tannheim there are still lots of other offers for the whole family. Your hosts, the Lumpert family and the Sägerhof team are happy to help at any time with genuine insider tips for your holiday. Ready for a little taster? You can climb in the hall and in the natural surroundings (climbing paradise Gimpel and Rot Flüh). At the lakes, boat trips and fishing provide welcome relaxation. At the mini-golf course in Tannheim there are some courses which offer plenty of diversity. In the neighbouring Allgäu and in Tyrol there are also exciting golf courses and day trips to sights worth seeing. There are many more holiday tips in the Tannheimer Valley waiting for you in the Wellness Hotel Sägerhof - we look forward to your visit!

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