Instantiated Application Ice stock sport curling in the Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol
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Curling in the Tannheimer Tal

Ice stock sport in the Tannheimer Tal, Austria
Curling in the Tannheimer Tal

Get to know this sport in the alpine region 

Have you ever tried curling? What might look a bit boring at first turns out to be quite fascinating when you give it a go. Here in Austria the ice stock sport is very popular, which is kind of the local version of curling. You try to hit a target, but there is much more to it. 

It is assumed that the ice stock sport in the Alps already existed in the 13th or 12th century. Snow was removed from frozen lakes and half of the village would gather to spend their leisure time here. Even though the popular sport follows exact rules (that differ from region to region), you don't need any experience to play it. Fitness is also not an issue: everyone can join in. While you enjoy yourself you get to casually talk to the locals who can tell you a lot about this game … 

Curling for the whole family 

You don't have to be a pro to enjoy this game. After a couple of shots you will have learned the basic techniques. From then on all you have to do is some fine-tuning and develop the right feel for strength and speed. With every ice stock you will get more experienced and probably won't want to stop playing. 

Two variations – length & accuracy 

There are two different variations to the traditional game. Some people just want to get the ice stock as far away as possible. And then in the other discipline you try to get it as close to the target as possible (mark, stave or other ice stocks) or to kick the other stocks away. 

How to get to Bloderteich pond 

Bloderteich pond is located close to Lake Haldensee: a bit above the lido you will find a cycle and hiking path leading there. At Tauscher's Alm you will get to enjoy lovely food before and after a game. 

Fancy curling during your winter holiday in Tyrol? Then you are perfectly right in Tannheim, where you can enjoy ice skating, tobogganing, skiing, cross-country skiing and much more. After an active outdoor day in winter the spa area at Sägerhof is exactly what you need. Warm up your body and get your muscles fit again. With a no obligation enquiry you holiday can soon begin. 

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