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Children in the Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol
Holiday pleasures in the Tannheimer Valley

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The Tannheimer Valley in Tirol has lots of accolades and a fantastic reputation. However you can experience this true charm during your holiday at Hotel Sägerhof.

The Tannheimer Valley has lot of titles and awards. “The most beautiful high valley in Europe”, “the most popular hiking region in Austria”, “family friendly”, “a gem of nature” - these are only some of the many tributes and raving descriptions. You can get a full effect of the Tannheimer Valley when you visit - spoil yourself with a holiday, where everyday life takes a back seat and your spirit soars!

Your holiday takes you to the north eastern edge of the Alps in Tirol. The Tannheimer Valley is right on the border to the German Allgäu region, even Switzerland is not far away. Tannheim is situated at about 1100 metres altitude. The picturesque area in the heart of the high valley is surrounded by scenery which is well worth seeing. Broad slopes make the Tannheimer Valley open, friendly and inviting. Unspoilt natural surroundings surround you with every step you take along the paths. Forests, lakes, streams and the higher mountain regions and natural adventures are there for you to investigate.

The Wellness Hotel Sägerhof is in the centre of Tannheim. You can enjoy being near all the significant tourist activities. Whether it’s the ski area or the ice-skating hall, cycle paths or Tennis courts - they are only a stone’s throw away. Despite its central location, nothing and nobody disturbs your peace and quiet. Tannheim has one thing in particular to offer: an idyllic area. An idyllic area in the truest sense of the word - a paradisiacal landscape with peaceful areas and small, top quality Tyrolean hotels - just like the four-star Hotel Sägerhof.

1100 metres above everyday life, adventure, sport and leisure activities don’t come up short. It is only in the Tannheimer Valley that these opportunities harmonise with the power of the natural surroundings. Indulge yourself in this Tirol holiday destination in the Alps. You can request a non-binding offer for your summer or winter holiday in the Wellnesshotel Sägerhof with your hosts family Lumpert here.

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Activities in the Tannheimer Tal

Tennishotel Sägerhof im Tannheimer Tal


Nature experience
Spaß für Groß und Klein in Tannheim

Nature experience

Sitzmöglichkeiten in der Hotellobby, Tannheimer Tal


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Familienhotel Sägerhof in Tirol

Family vacation

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