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Hotel in the Tannheimer Valley

Wellnesshotel Sägerhof
Hotel Sägerhof in the Tannheimer Valley

**** Hotel Sägerhof, Tannheim in Tyrol - 1100 metres above everyday life

Get to know about the Wellnesshotel Sägerhof in Tannheimer Valley. You will learn more about the atmosphere, rooms, cuisine and the various hotel facilities.

Let us tempt you with the pleasant atmosphere in the Hotel Sägerhof. Here modern comfort meets furnishings which are close to nature and which have typical Tyrolean style. In this cosy atmosphere the Lumpert family along with the Sägerhof team ensure that nothing is missing from your holiday in Tannheim. You will be impressed by the location of the Hotel Sägerhof. The charming holiday hotel is situated in the middle of an area with the most fantastic things for you to do during your holiday. It is located in the heart of the natural paradise of the Tannheimer Valley.

Fireplace in the lobby of Hotel Sägerhof, Tyrol
Fireplace in the lobby of Hotel Sägerhof

For your summer holidays in Tyrol or your winter holiday in Tyrol there are various cosy rooms to choose from. Each variety of room has particular advantages and its own charm. Be enchanted by the cuisine in the Sägerhof. The Sägerhof gourmet delights will make your holiday even sweeter.

Your holiday in the Hotel Sägerhof should be as uncomplicated as possible. In many parts of the hotel your hosts have implemented a hotel which is handicap-accessible. That is as important for families with pushchairs as it is for older guests and also for guests who have a physical handicap or who use a wheelchair. The Sägerhof also shows compassion for families with the numerous children’s facilities right in the hotel.

Martini Cocktail at Sägerhof
Cocktails & Lounge

Good reasons to holiday at the Hotel Tannheim in Tyrol

There are lots of good reasons to go on holiday in the Tannheimer Valley. You can take a look at the advantages for you at a glance Take a quick look at the Hotel plan and the image gallery- your anticipation will surely rise when you take a look. To avoid misunderstandings it’s worth taking a look at the information in the section “What you need to know“.

Your most precious days of the year should be full of adventure, diversity and they should run smoothly. Here you will find some good reasons to holiday in the Wellnesshotel Sägerhof in Tannheim in Tirol.

  • The hiking hotel Sägerhof is situated in the heart of the valley, close to the mountains and the mountain lakes. So it is the ideal starting point forhikes, tours, trips and natural adventures - a destination which is more worthwhile than any other.
  • An ideal ski hotel: only seven minutes walk to the ski area and two minutes walk to the cross-country ski slopes.
  • Your Sägerhof guest card is your free bus ticket into the Tannheim Valley. In summer as a hiking bus, in winter as a ski bus (exception: to Lake Vilsalp)
  • The Sägerhof is surrounded by a natural landscape, which offers four genuine seasons. Lakes to bathe in during the summer and for ice-skatingin winter, in spring the gorgeous, blossoming Alpine meadows and in autumn a fog-free hiking experience.
  • There is an emphasis on wellness: In the Sägerhof a large, spacious indoor pool awaits you with its many couches; it is only a footstep to the large, south-facing sunbathing area with its garden and sunny terrace.
  • The Wellness area in the Sägerhof has “all bits and pieces” and offers everything that makes up a wellness holiday in Tirol.
  • All the saunas and steam baths can be used free of charge every afternoon
  • Enjoy the authentic: since the Sägerhof-Team provides family-based, real traditional hospitality and pay attention to detail, the atmosphere is distinct.
  • The Sägerhof is a down-to-earth hotel which is aware of tradition and places value on the latest equipment, technology and on protecting the environment.
  • Sägerhof service from breakfast through to last drinks in the hotel bar is charming and attentive, as well as courteous.
  • Sägerhof cuisine is made using high-quality products from the region, producing meals which are gentle and light for you.
  • Families with children are very welcome to holiday in the Hotel Sägerhof and indeed in the entire Tannheim area. The hotel will impress you with fantastic children’s facilities and offers, the holiday location Tannheim has a full programme of events on offer for kids.
  • You just keep on enjoying yourself, since in Tannheim the natural surroundings and the scenery are a great basis for some intense experiences. The people of Tannheim know how to protect these very important resources.
  • Healthy, relaxing holidays - 1100 metres above everyday life, in the heart of the Alps. Wellness is also included in the charming all-inclusive offers for you.
  • As a guest you are the emphasis of all our endeavours. It is the duty of the entire Sägerhof team to see to your well-being and happiness. All our employees use their knowledge and expertise to your advantage.
  • Secure your holiday - since leisure time in the 21st century is a great luxury and you don’t want jeopardise getting a holiday in the Sägerhof.
  • Holidays with a price guarantee. The Sägerhof guarantees you that you will not receive better hospitality at this price anywhere else!
  • Holidays which will keep you going for a long time. It is not just full photograph films and menus that you will take home with you - you’ll also have a positive feeling about life and the assurance that you will have done yourself some good.

By the way:

There is barely anything in this world that other people can do less well and which can be more cheaply bought. Those people who only orient themselves to price, become prey to such machinations. Your hosts in the Hotel Sägerhof are too quality aware to offer the cheapest. That also goes against the social principles of the luxury hotel Sägerhof.

As a family business, the well-being hotel Sägerhof can offer its staff a fair social environment. Here you spend your holidays in the certainty that the staff enjoy a lot of security with regard to their working hours, pay, and sickness and pension provisions. In this respect the big companies can often not keep up with the “small fry” like the Sägerhof. Keep it this way for your holiday. Pay attention to quality, and then look at the price.

Come to the Tyrol during your winter or summer holidays In the Tannheimer Valley there are unique activities on offer in the magnificent natural surroundings. The non-binding holiday offer is your first step to getting a room in the Hotel Sägerhof

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