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Paragliding and hang-gliding in the Tannheimer Valley

Right in Tannheim the flying school Tannheimer Tal offers you an  unique experience. While paragliding and hang-gliding awaits you fantastic views and a feeling of being free.

Paragliding Vacation in Tyrol, Austria

If you want to experience something really different in the Hotel Sägerhof, then we have a very special tip for you. Tannheim is ideal for paragliding. Near to the mountain station of the Neunerköpfle railways there have been two starting places set up. With two options in an easterly and westerly direction, almost every wind direction can be used to the very best advantage. The valley is well suited for the landing too. The giant landing site beside the valley station of the mountain railway makes it possible to go an easy and impressive flight with a paraglider or a hang glider.

The thermal lifts - depending on the time of year and day conditions - start around midday and are classified as easily usable. The Tannheimer Valley is best suited to your first thermal experiences and for stress-free thermalling. If you are a course pilot and want to get the kilometres in, then the Tannheimer Valley has some fantastic flight routes on offer. Attention! The region around Vilsalpsee is a nature protection area. You must ensure you have sufficient height reserve beforehand.

Meteorological office at the Neunerköpfle: Send an SMS with "neunerköpfle" to mobile number +43 (676) 660444 and you will receive the current live wind report for Tannheimer Valley.

Courses on offer at the flight school & flight shop Tannheimer Valley:

If you get involved in a paragliding adventure, you will be rewarded with a dreamy view over the Tannheimer Valley. When the weather is clear you can see over hundreds of kilometres into the mighty summits in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and of course Austria. But you have to note well - paragliding can get addictive!

Want to have a go at paragliding while you are on your summer holidays in Tirol? Then just send a non-binding holiday enquiry for the Hotel Sägerhof here.

Hotel Sägerhof in Tannheim, Tirol

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